October 12th, 2017 | Newborn Photography

Greta is my first newborn session in Minnesota, and she was a blast. I got tons of babe snuggles and cuddles, and was just so much fun!

Greta was wide awake and wiggly for her session! She was wiggling around so much, even in her wrap that we had to be very careful with what poses we were able to use with her.  Safety is always the highest priority, so if she is wiggling and not sleeping hard, I just won't put babe in fancy poses.


No matter how wiggly she was, how much she hated the headbands, the wraps or the outfits, she was still adorable and that head of hair!!! I have never seen a baby with such a thick head of hair!!

Greta was a really great experience. She challenged me to go outside my comfort zone, to use different wrap techniques and really let me use my creativity!


Thanks for joining me!


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